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Can not validate the license

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All of our license keys are 30 characters long and formatted in four digit pieces like this:


Our keys contain only letters and numbers and never contain ZEROs or ONEs. If your license key looks different from this in any way it is not one of ours. It's possible that you have purchased a similar product from one of our competitors and have downloaded our software by mistake; this is surprisingly common. The license key from one company will not work with the software of another even if they are very similar in functionality.

Please double check your bill to see by whom you were charged and for which product. If you find a charge from our distributor, Clickbank, that indicates one of our products please get in touch with our support team using the "Ask us a question" link below and make sure to include the 8 digit receipt number that appears with that charge. We'll track down your order and have you set up with a working license key ASAP.




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